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Citrus and Olives

Observations of Use

During the years 2004, 2005 and 2006, olive trees of the Oblica variety (Olea europaea ‘Oblica’) were treated with Lithovit®. The following observations were made:

  • Increased yield with simultaneous reduction of alternate bearing
  • Improved oil qualities

Yield and alternation

The Obliqua variety is generally characterised by the development of single fruits from each inflorescence. Treatment of the trees with Lithovit® increased the number of fruits per inflorescence to two or three olives. At the same time, the alternate (biennial) bearing that is otherwise customary was not observed during the period of the trial.

Olive trees of the variety, treated with Lithovit with great success

Oil qualities

An analysis of the 2006 harvest of a sample of olives of the Obliqua variety that had been treated three times with Lithovit®, compared with a sample treated only once, produced the following results.

Acidity [%]Peroxide Number
Σ Phenols
Acid intensityChlorophyll as
pheophytin [mg/kg]
3x Lithovit0.14.81177.220.7127.14
1x Lithovit0.23.62279.931.4226.71

Both samples are "extra virgin oil" as per the applicable EU regulations. It is noticeable that the oil from the fruit treated three times shows clearly enhanced values.

Citrus Plants

In the case of citrus plants, the application of Lithovit leads to a substantial improvement of the supply of micronutrients; any iron chlorosis etc. that may be present being very distinctly reduced.

Recommendations for Use

The quantity to be applied per hectare depends on the size of the plants to be treated. Generally, the Lithovit® solution should be used in a concentration of approx. 0.5 % (1 kg Lithovit® per 200 l water). Lithovit® can be mixed with customary plant protection agents, to the extent that these are not applied in the form of an acid solution. Since not all chance occurrences that may arise in practice are predictable, users are recommended to test a trial mixture first.

Olive Trees and Citrus Plants

  • 1st application during foliation
  • 2nd application after the beginning of flowering
  • 3rd application 45 days after the end of flowering

These recommendations for use can basically also be applied to any other evergreen fruit-trees such as avocado (Persea americana), mango (Mangifera indica) and others.

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