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Instructions for Use

There are a number of different times when Lithovit can basically be applied:

  • at the beginning of foliation / the time of bedding out
  • at the time of flowering and
  • during the ripening of the fruit

Lithovit Natural CO2 Foliar Fertilizer may be used once or several times, at most every 3-4 weeks, separately or in combination with a plant protection agent. Minimum dosage: 1 kg/ha as a 0.3% - 0.5% aqueous suspension (300 - 500g of Lithovit per 100 l of water) with a pH of between 6 and 10. It can be applied using an agricultural pesticide sprayer with an agitator or any commercially available garden spray. A wetting agent will increase the effectiveness and reduce spray residue markings.

Examples of recommended application:

15 days after the first foliation and again after a further 15 days. (Dosage 5gms / 1 ltr of water.)

"Giant" Pumpkins:
When the pumpkin plant reaches the two-leaf stage, mix 5gm of Lithovit per 1 litre of water and spray both sides of leaf and plant. First two doses at 14-day intervals and thereafter at 10-day intervals until harvest. (Dosage 5gms / 1 ltr of water.)

Salad and Vegetables:
First application 7 - 10 days after the appearance of first leaves or before bedding out. Thereafter, twice more at 15 - 20-day intervals. (Dosage 5gms / 1 ltr of water.)

3 - 5 applications at intervals of 15 days, commencing with the second leaf or bedding out. (Dosage 5gms / 1 ltr of water.)

First dose at flowering, second dose upon the formation of the first fruits and again at a further 15 - 20 days. (Dosage 5gms / 1 ltr of water.)

Citrus Trees:
3 - 5 applications at intervals of 15 days, commencing apron. 10 days after the first foliation. (Dosage 5gms / 1 ltr of water.)

Ornamental herbaceous perennials:
2 - 4 applications at 15 - 20 days, commencing with the third leaf. (Dosage 5gms / 1 ltr of water.)

At flowering, when the fruits first appear, and then upon the development of the first bunch of grapes. (Dosage 5gms / 1 ltr of water.) It can also be used at 0.25% solution (half solution) on a regular spray cycle.

Kiwi Fruit:
2 weeks after the first foliation, at the time of first fruit and then during the period when the fruit is growing and ripening. (Dosage 5gms / 1 ltr of water.)

Apply Lithovit at 0.2% (2gms per 1 ltr of water) every 8 days. (Dosage 2gms / 1 ltr of water.)

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