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How it Works

Lithovit is the first CO2 foliar fertilizer that can be used successfully outdoors as well as under glass. It consists of calcium carbonate supplemented by numerous important micro-nutrients.

Most Lithovit particles are so small (< 10 μm) that they can be absorbed directly through the stomata of the plant‘s foliage. Inside the leaves, the Lithovit® particles break down and release CO2 in particular, but also other substances as well

Diagrammatic representation of how Lithovit works

The low CO2 content of normal air (0.04 vol.%) means that most cultivated plants fail to achieve an optimum level of photosynthesis. Assuming that temperature conditions are favourable and there is a suffi cient supply of nutrients and water, the maximum level of photosynthesis is achieved at around 0.1 vol.% CO2.

The use of the Lithovit® CO2 outdoor fertilizer can thus improve the photosynthesis performance. In addition, the effect is further enhanced by the micronutrients contained in Lithovit®.

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